Did you know that We are all just like a Box of Chocolates.

Have you ever opened a box of chocolates and wondered what was inside each one? For years my Dad would buy my Mother a box of chocolates for every holiday and after she ate a couple, my brothers and I would pick through the rest. At the top of every box, there is a diagram that tells you exactly what each piece is and what’s inside. However for some reason, I never trusted that diagram and had to find out for myself by biting into each one. Time after time, the box diagram was true to its word, the one that said it had coconut in it actually had coconut in it. Go figure!

Can you imagine what type of reputation specialty chocolates would have if they didn’t deliver what they advertised? Think about it, what if the “double chocolate cake” candy had cherry in it? This would be a disaster and people would stop buying the brand.

In life and as people we need to adhere to the same principles. We need not falsely advertise ourselves, but rather, believe in who we are. It is important to understand that God made us perfect so there is no need to try to disguise the real you. Too many times we get uneasy about whom we are and we try to change what is on the inside. News Flash! You are exactly who you are there is no changing that. We can always improve on ourselves, but who God made us, is here to stay and we are all uniquely and unconditionally loved as advertised. So we might as well enjoy it and not hide behind it.

It is important to understand how to love yourself. Make sure you believe that you are perfect just as you are. Don’t worry so much about how you will be perceived as long as you are true to yourself. I promise that when you can get into agreement with yourself, your life will change with great confidence.

Just like a box of chocolates, we all come in many colors, shapes and flavors. When someone asks you about you, tell them who you are from a true place and with supreme confidence. Celebrate your inner self and believe that you are special. When the exterior self lines up with your interior truth, then there can never be any surprises to anyone. The choice is within.


About The Author

B. Patrick Lewis

B. Patrick Lewis is a devout Christian who believes that without the mercy and forgiveness of God he would not be alive today. In the late 90’s, B. Patrick Lewis’s life was spinning out of control. But for the grace of God, family and rehabilitation, he has now become a leader in the Christian community. He is a devoted family man, published author and ordained pastor. He believes in second chances and encourages everyone to take a deep look within to discover their own truth. Choice Within is founded upon three basic principles of life – Gratitude, Love and Forgiveness. “We are all one and we are all Gods beautiful children. I believe life is too short not to love.” – B. Patrick Lewis


  • Barbara

    Reply Reply August 6, 2017

    This is so real to me! I actually was smiling because I love chocolate! And how you explained so clearly even made me laugh at the coconut! I dont like coconut! And that has happened to me! But seriously I will be reading this over and over again because that is what I want so dearly is to completely love me! Life can bring you down and cause you to loose so much of you! If your not careful even to loosing or never having your own identity! This is so powerful to me! You brought it to my doorstep and was truely a gift! I am grateful! Beautifully written! Thank you!

  • clarise

    Reply Reply August 7, 2017

    This is tastefully explained. The alignment of our inner with the exterior self is missing. We get dressed for others, we start living for others without realizing that we lose our own flavor in the process. Only if we cherish who we really are without giving a damn what others think. Love it. Feeling like a chocolate already!!!

  • Relebohile

    Reply Reply August 7, 2017

    This is so true! When I was young I had confidence taller than me(I’m short) !my grandmother made me believe I was everything, but the world can take that away! And then one day I started not liking myself much, always wishing I was someone else. But now, I’m at a place where I’m beginning to fall in love with myself again. I have also seen just how excited people are when I tell them my truth,and that automatically helps them accept and understand that we are not perfect and it’s actually our imperfections that makes us interesting!

  • Albert Ihezie

    Reply Reply August 11, 2017

    Thank you pastor, inside-out honesty keeps us free from hiding our true selves from withing. Courtesy; CHOICEWITHIN.We discussed this together; by the way I have told you I always discuss your podcasts to me with my team so you’d know you do not influence me alone.One of us said, if businesses can be honest with their products, why can’t we know how serious God is with His own products – that’s us.You made us understand how important it is to be serious with character contents and not to hide our true selves from us. Thanks Pastor B.

  • Nancy Jean Smith

    Reply Reply August 13, 2017

    Pastor “B,”

    Hey, it took years before I realized that I can be nobody else but me and why would I want to cheapen myself, by disguising this beautiful masterpiece that God created? Did you know that I am God’s favorite? Yes, I am the apple of His eye and it is his good pleasure to give me the desires of my heart. YEP, I am HIS and nobody else’s and I am PERFECT in His eyes!


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