B Patrick – Founder

Choice within was founded by me, B. Patrick in 2009. After battling stress, addiction and low self worth, I needed an outlet to find some peace. Choice Within came about when I was keeping a daily diary of my life to help me in my recovery. After months of positive feedback and the opportunity to help others, I expanded this site to do just that.

Since the early days, I have been committed to teaching others that they are not their past and place great emphasis on living in the moment.

So many people are stuck and don’t know the way out. I knew I could be of help simply by teaching from a very basic level of understanding. My goal is to ensure everyone that life is to be lived and not labored. When we understand that all things are truly possible, the world opens up to us”

I now focus on three key elements for a happy life. Love, Self worth and Stress free living.

For more information about my teachings you can contact me personally at info@choicewithin.com

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May 10th, 2016|2 Comments

Want to hear something funny? When I first started, thinking about writing a blog, I was so concerned about readership that I didn’t think much about truth and expressing myself fully. I was trying to think of all kinds of neat and crazy things to write about and how I was going to shock the world into liking my blog. Then came the most crazy thought of them all, a small voice inside me said, whatever you do, never mention God or Jesus…You will become labeled and some of your readers may unsubscribe. […]

Choice within – Be better than you were Yesterday

April 25th, 2016|2 Comments

In life we can always get better, the secret is one day at a time. It is impossible to completely be the best we can be all at once, it is a process. This is [...]

Be Mindful of what you think about

April 12th, 2016|1 Comment

Today I am going to pay great attention to my thoughts. I realize that what I think has power over me. Knowing and understanding that, it makes perfect sense to give my thoughts my full [...]

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