My name is B. Patrick Lewis, the founder of Choice Within, and I am all about Love.

I started Choice-Within because I felt a need and desire to bridge the gap between Love and Ego. As a published author, speaker and ordained pastor, I want to teach the basic principles of peace, love, unity and spirituality.

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God Bless

Pastor B Patrick – Founder

B. Patrick is a devout Christian who believes that without the mercy and forgiveness of God he would not be alive today. In the late 90’s, B. Patrick’s life was spinning out of control. But for the grace of God, family and rehabilitation, he has now become a leader in the Christian community.
He is a devoted family man, published author and ordained pastor. He believes in second chances and encourages everyone to take a deep look within to discover their own truth. Choice Within Ministries is founded upon three basic principles of life – Gratitude, Love and Forgiveness.

“We are all one and we are all Gods beautiful children. I believe life is too short not to love.” – Pastor B. Patrick

For more information B Patrick’s teachings you can contact him personally at [email protected]

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